Australia’s Most Advanced LED Controllers

Lightopia’s excellent range of LTECH LED controllers provide a cutting-edge way to have complete control over your LED lighting. We have a wide range of LTECH controllers designed for Single colour, CCT, RGB and RGBW or RGBA LED, be they controllers for RGB LED lighting strips, LED modules, and most other situations in which LEDs are used.

LED controllers allow the users to have unparalleled control over aspects of LED lighting such as brightness (dimming), colour control and in many models, zone control. Depending on the design of the installation and the correct choice of LED controller chosen, you may only be limited by your imagination.

Innovation in the LED controller field

We stock LTECH due to the brand’s constant aim to innovate and create products that are of a superior quality.

This industry-leading technology in the product catalogue we maintain demonstrates the versatility and innovation that LTECH embraces. We stock LED controllers for any user and purpose, and we encourage you to browse the rest of the products to discover just what we have available. The LED controllers we stock at Lightopia cover your needs ranging from 1 channel output and up to 32 channels, with the option to be wireless

Although our range of LTECH goods are of such a high quality, we ensure that they still remain affordable for consumers. The LTECH LED products we stock can complement a wide range of budgets, making them ideal for any potential user.

Contact us for more information

With such a diverse range, it is understandable if you need some advice or specific requirements addressed. If this is the case, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our online enquiry form. We will reply promptly to your question or product enquiry so that you can ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest technology on the market.

If you are interested in more high quality LED products from LTECH, we highly recommend you browse our range of RGB LED strips and DMX controllers to have all your LED lighting needs appropriately addressed.



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